Most of us might not consciously appreciate it, but we have been under the ideology of capitalism since World War 1. A lesser known fact was that socialism almost took over the world, as surely as the rising sun, only to collapse under its own weight at the very last minute. It is like saying today Facebook will be overtaken by Friendster. Just like back then, if you make such bold claim today, you will be ridiculed upon.

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[Guest Post] What’s the real noble truth of love, Attachment vs Genuine love


Buddhism defines love into separation of attachment love vs genuine love

We are almost never satisfied after an argument outbreak. We felt tired, exhausted thinking over and over again on what went wrong. What should we correct, what we deemed is right and we refuse to change for our other half. Trying to think what our other half is thinking, we want them to change, we want them to understand the pain we go through, we need them to understand.

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Rule 9: Be Fucking Precise

Today marks a happy day as I just started working after a long break from 2018 Lunar New Year. It’s the year of the dog and the accompanying element is earth. And I have found something so important that I intend to add this rule to my Top 10 List. Recall that Top 10 List (click here for Rule 8) is my attempt to summarize everything in life that I deem important. The project started in 2011 (first post back then). And this will be the 9th rule. My game plan is to further refine the rules after gathering 10 rules. I might change/enhance the rules along the way. Hopefully by the time I’m 70 years old these 10 rules will be as solid as gold.

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What Is A Better Version Of Yourself

I think one everlasting truth about life is how to become better daily. In the insurance industry, the greatest challenge is often how to sell insurance to people, who generally do not need it. No one wakes up one day and thinks he needs an insurance policy. Usually there are trigger events like the death of someone. some sickness etc. In the same way, no one wakes up one day and thinks he needs to push himself to be better.

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What Makes You Happy?

Daniel Kahneman, the famous psychologist explained that we have two selves, (a) the experiencing self and (b) the remembering self. 

The experiencing self lives in the present and is only concerned with the present moment while the remembering self is like the judge who decides everything for us.

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