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3 surefire ways to be rich

June 10th, 2011 by dimpledbrain

Of the countless books on the topic including tactical suggestion of putting a date of purchase and a date of completion on your toothpaste (of so-called expenditure control), I think George Samuel Clason summarized it best in his bestseller book, The Richest Man in Babylon:

The 3 principles espoused are:

  1. Live on less than you earn – this is the first rule which is observed by all rich people. If they don’t, technically speaking they won’t be rich.
  2. Seek advice from those who are competent through their own experiences to give it – technically speaking you shouldn’t listen to me because I am not competent enough to share, at least not through my own effort. 
  3. Make your gold work for you – 10% of whatever one earns should be parked aside solely for investment. Turn the table around; enslave your gold like some big time bad ass dictators.  

Now some people would argue that the above may get one into a perpetual state of seeking. Gold begets gold and one will be sucked into greed and the likes. Versus my idea of getting in quickly and before they can say ‘run faster’, one is already out of the rat race sucking coconut juice in Honolulu.  I am convinced, somehow of Maslow’s hierarchy that the lower rung of needs must be fulfilled first before the light of enlightenment (self-actualization) could dawn upon you. 

However, I stand vindicated.

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