Between choice and circumstance

Scenario – 2 people of similar background but one rises to the occasion while the other falls into despair. What would you attribute the cause to? Choice? Circumstantial/ contextual influence (i.e one person is being ‘lucky’ being at the right place, right time?). What is your belief of the scenario of what actually happened?

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Did the Chinese get the periodic table wrong?

The recent completion of the periodic table’s 7th row (elements 113,115,117 and 118) alongside elements 114 and 116 (discovered earlier) is no easy feat as this means we can expect greater understanding of our universe moving forward. Let us give them a couple of months to decide on the names and have some mini celebrations etc before meaningful works resume. As a baseline to compare, Mendeleev’s first periodic table in 1860s only identified 88 elements (talk about human progress!)

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Music can tell you about your personality

According to one research, we are exposed to music for nearly 20% of our waking lives. That’s like approximately 82K hours of music assuming you live for 70 years and sleep 8 hours per day. (70 years of life is about 600K hours of life).

Which of the following describes your taste in music?

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