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Be Average

June 26th, 2012 by dimpledbrain

I’m not dead yet even though the blog may seem so.

You see, for the past two months or so, I was studying for some exams. Thank goodness I passed them all today.

Before I continue with my main points, ( just to make the blog seemingly long enough), I was previously recommended by an American instructor to use www.abebooks.com. It’s awesome – much better than Amazon as they do deliver to this part of the world ( i.e. Malaysia, the country above Singapore). Otherwise, through Amazon, I need to get the books delivered to Singapore first. These days, I just couldn’t find the books I want in the local bookstores anymore. So try it peeps. More often than not, the shipping charges will be more expensive than the book itself – which is quite saddening because that must mean that cost of knowledge is more expensive here (in the country above Singapore).

Today we shall talk about becoming average.

(1) Why does walking on a plank seem harder than on normal ground? Well, I guess perception plays a huge role here. But if we think about it, walking on a plank and walking on the ground must be the same. Is it more difficult to do the former just because we think so? Otherwise how would the circus make money?

(2) It then follows that it’s only pressure that differentiates the two scenarios above. Apply the pressure and the walker shall tremble and fall; lift the burden and the walker shall be more graceful than a swan!

(3) If we are always the smartest person in the room aka doctor know it all, how can we learn to walk gracefully? In the book Yes!: 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion, authors Steve Martin and Robert B. Cialdini tell us why the best leader operating individually will be beaten to the solution by the less expert but cooperating unit. Learn to be average to lift the burden of pressure and one will be better than before!

(4) In the period of Chu-Han contention (206 BC- 202 BC) after Qin has fallen, note that Xiang Yu is definitely smarter than Liu Bang. But it was Liu Bang who founded the Han dynasty (i.e. after Qin dynasty has fallen). Liu Bang was so well assisted that there is a saying in Chinese that in the administration of the country, Liu Bang has Zhang Liang and in the matter of warfare, he has Han Xin.

(5) Sometimes like what Keith Johnstone says, ‘Dare to be dull’. I myself, upon reflection, is guilty of this. Take the name of this blog for example. I must be trying very hard to outdo myself to come up with a name like ‘dimpledbrain’. I guess that’s the common pitfall of brainstorming sessions. In retrospect, aren’t ‘normalbrain’ or ‘sharpbrain’ equally good if not better? Put this in the context of effective time spent.

Lastly, to clarify, before some of you walk out of my blog for sheer blasphemy, I think there’s a difference between “I’m average” vs “Be average”. The latter comes with effort, paradoxically. Just to add, there must be other values to support this (i.e. it’s not sufficient to just be average!) but they are beyond the scope of this posting. Suffice to say taken out of its context, be average is dangerous.

But be average, anyway.

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