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The secrets of body language

May 12th, 2011 by dimpledbrain

One of my earliest fascinations, and still is, is human body. Emm, body parts, no language of body, oh body language that is. The good news about body language a.k.a non verbal communication which includes eye , arm and leg movement is that it’s almost involuntary at subconscious level. Almost because some movements can be trained to appear otherwise, although they will still somehow leak minimal cue to what’s actually in the mind. Think con men and women. By and large, women are better than men at hiding and interpreting body language.  

  1. Power of smile – get your killer smile. Look at the picture below. The brain can process a smile even if  it is inverted. This confirms how powerful a smile can get. Go practise and get one – the killer smile. Natural and attractive. Acid test is when your friends like it. Recall the people you like/admire – is it the smile that did the job.
  2. Power of touch (Handshake with a light tap on the forearm or hand or elbow). This tap will give an instant connection to the other person, capable of bridging gaps between strangers. It gives the feeling of “It’s ok, I am here. You are safe with me around. We are friends.” Usually sales personnel do that a lot. But be mindful of any cultural difference that this may backfire. Oh, the picture below shows Obama doing a normal and casual handshake. Ya right.
  3. Power of legs (besides running) – remember the legs reveal what the mind wants to do! Have you ever been in a conversation with someone you like but you aren’t sure if the other person is interested in you? You can’t tell from the face. It seems neutral at best. But your heart is pumping hard. What to do? Look at the legs lah– are they pointing towards you? (Look at the lady below – she is smiling yes but her legs are pointing towards the exit door. Is she interested in the man? Hell no!)

Body language is not 100% foolproof. One can learn to minimize body gestures and it’s still possible to hide away from the untrained eyes. Thus, we may need to calibrate with other cues. After all, we are trying to reveal one’s state of mind and it will definitely do its best to ward off potential intruders. It got to be a little more challenging else it ain’t no fun!

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