Did the Chinese get the periodic table wrong?

The recent completion of the periodic table’s 7th row (elements 113,115,117 and 118) alongside elements 114 and 116 (discovered earlier) is no easy feat as this means we can expect greater understanding of our universe moving forward. Let us give them a couple of months to decide on the names and have some mini celebrations etc before meaningful works resume. As a baseline to compare, Mendeleev’s first periodic table in 1860s only identified 88 elements (talk about human progress!)

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Remember to fail

I recently came back from my company’s annual retreat where during the business meeting, we were discussing the values we want to create. One value that caught my eye is “fail, to learn”, which is the total opposite of fail to learn. This instantly reminds me of Patricia Ryan Madson’s superb book Improv Wisdom. One of her 13 maxims is “make mistakes, please”.

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Understanding our limiting mind

I have always been glad that I decided to start this blog 4 years ago. The 2 foundations I have chosen to build this blog are (1) Covey’s 4 dimensions of life (physical, mental, emotion and spiritual) and (2) the conscious competence theory, which also are the first 2 posts of this blog. Both frameworks are sound and extremely important. (click here and here for the posts)

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Are we fully responsible for our actions?

The other day I have an interesting conversation with a friend. The question was, “are we fully responsible for our actions?” I have argued no but the counter explanation given was worth pondering; if we are not fully responsible for our actions, are we just wriggling off the hook conveniently anytime we want? That according to my friend isn’t right. In a way, I agree on taking responsibility and accountability for our actions. But sometimes it’s just beyond our control.

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The Bed of Procrustes

I first heard the name Procrustes from Nassim Taleb’s lesser known book, The Bed of Procrustes.

Procrustes cuts an interesting tale in the Greek mythology not so much about his iron bed as it is about how he ‘stretches’ every passerby to fit his bed. (I suppose the movie The Human Centipede got its inspiration from Procrustes). Secretly, Procrustes had two beds and he only offered the one that he needed to ‘adjust’ his guests (i.e. amputation).

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Reimagining the Future

I have wanted to write something about three card poker and how to ace the game since Chinese New Year is around the corner but I guess not on second thought, since we have talked about baccarat and three player mahjong previously.

Instead I want to share something on how we think we think about the future [think again], a great idea I discovered from Daniel Gilbert. In fact I would happily list it as the 7th great idea I have discovered to date.**

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