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How to correct your posture with the Alexander technique

November 9th, 2015 by dimpledbrain

The short history of the Alexander technique from Wiki:

“Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was a Shakespearean orator who developed voice loss during his performances. After doctors found no physical cause, Alexander reasoned that he was doing something to himself while speaking to cause his problem. His self-observation in multiple mirrors revealed that he was contracting his whole body prior to phonation in preparation for all verbal response. He developed the hypothesis that this habitual pattern of pulling the head backwards and downwards needlessly disrupted the normal working of the total postural, breathing and vocal mechanisms.”

If you find yourself hunching over your computer or that you don’t think you stand up straight, here’s an easy solution to the problem.

(1) There are 2 basic problems:

(a) neck jutting forward – this is especially so with long office hours and sedentary lifestyle. I think this happens when we unintentionally stare into our laptops for a long period of time without moving around.









(neck jutting forward and shoulders rounded forward)

(b) neck overly pushed back.









(jaw pulled back)

(2) Push you head forward and pull it backward to get an idea of the positions of the 2 pictures above.

(3) The right head posture is in between the 2 postures above. Note the following for the right position:

(a) Feel your neck with your hand that there is no tense muscle

(b) Your shoulders are pushed down/wide apart and relaxed.

(3) This is much easier to do and with much less effort vs say focusing on our shoulder blades. Reason being when we pull back our head (from the 1st picture), we will also pull back our spine. Put differently we will not be able to solve our hunching forward problem without first pulling our head back. Our jutting forward head will work in the opposing direction of our straightened shoulder bladed and we will quickly exhaust ourselves [and revert to our old posture].

A good chart courtesy of my sister:







(neck overly pushed back will result in #1 and #2 while neck jutting forward will result in #3 and #4. I hope you get it when I say pulling back our head will straighten back our spine. This is an important point to note)

If you are interested to find out more about this or if you have such problem and you would like to correct your posture, here’s a good reference. How you stand, How you move, How you live by Missy Vineyard.

p/s: I’ll post how to tackle the lower back problem when I fully understand about it.

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