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July 23rd, 2019 by dimpledbrain

  1. LTKM is an interesting case – it got a takeover offer at RM1.35/share (which represents ~20+% increase over last price)
  2. It has been on a downtrend since March 2015. If you have been holding this since then, you will be making a loss. Unless you enter after 2018
  3. Can you see from the chart that something is brewing? Yes, but not possible to know what it is
  4. The only clue is the furious buyback by insiders since 1 March 2018 until end of last month
  5. This kind of privatization is quite rare, so if you see similar set up then you should get your radar on. (the last privatization that i got on was Epic – sometimes this is pure luck)
  6. The best source is insider news

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