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Remember to fail

November 8th, 2015 by dimpledbrain

I recently came back from my company’s annual retreat where during the business meeting, we were discussing the values we want to create. One value that caught my eye is “fail, to learn”, which is the total opposite of fail to learn. This instantly reminds me of Patricia Ryan Madson’s superb book Improv Wisdom. One of her 13 maxims is “make mistakes, please”.

Making mistakes with the intent of learning from it is different from making mistakes carelessly. With the former, we get better over time. With the latter however, it doesn’t matter how many times we do it.

When we make mistakes, we know that we are pushing past our limits. Those who don’t make mistakes are playing it too safe which means that they will never be able to find out their true potential. We must take advantage of making mistakes when the cost of making them is small/negligible.

For a start, refer to Covey’s framework. (click here for the post.) Some common sense is important however. Say in our physical self, ‘making the mistake’ of challenging ourselves to run 10 laps when our limit is 5 laps is good. Making the mistake of eating fast food for 3 months to understand its ill effect on our lives is plain stupid. Same goes to other dimensions of life.






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