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Scroll of Heaven, Scroll Of Earth

November 6th, 2013 by dimpledbrain

From the popular anime series Naruto, episode 37 (click here for the link), the second phase of the chunin exam requires the genin* teams to obtain one earth scroll and one heaven scroll upon entering the ‘Forest of Death’. The objective is to reach the building in its centre within five days. Each of the 26 teams will be given either one scroll, making this a sudden death round. (13 teams will be eliminated).

Besides the fun (weave hand signs furiously and shout fire element:fireball jutsu) , the 2 scrolls combined reads as follows:

“If you do not possess Heaven, gain knowledge and be prepared.

And if you do not possess Earth, run through the fields and seek strength.”

Yes the Heaven in this text points to the head of a person. And Earth points to the body. Equally applicable in our non-ninja** world, to succeed in the things we do, we need to possess both mental strength and physical prowess. Curiously, scroll of heaven and scroll of earth correspond to the ‘mental’ and ‘physical’ domains of this site (click here for an overall picture of the framework used in the site).

Naruto continues to amaze me as it teaches (or rather primes) many good values. This is one of the many.


(1) to possess Heaven, drink deeply from good books. (4th point of John Wooden’s 7 Point Creed. Click here for the wiki)

(2) to possess Earth, perform aerobic exercise vs anaerobic type.



*You are in the ninja world. You graduate from the Ninja Academy to become a genin. Then you move on to become a chunin and then finally a jounin. When you are legendary you become a sannin. In the modern world, the 4 levels are equivalent to (1) slave (2) minion (3) minion and (4) rich/powerful people. Such is the beauty of fiction.

**In the 2007/2008 subprime mortgage crisis, NINJA loans refer to a very low quality subprime loans. No income no job or asset loans.

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