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Secret of the Gods Part 1

January 1st, 2016 by dimpledbrain

“Then the LORD God formed a man…and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7(b)

First of all, happy new year 2016!

Admittedly, this post is about a research topic that has stirred my interest (again) for the past few months.

I have probably written about the first ‘clue’ in the past – Click here for the link.

Back to Covey’s framework that forms the backbone of my blog, this post relates to the physical domain, which I intend to share more too moving forward. It occurs to me lately that Covey’s intent to split his framework into 4 distinctive areas (physical, mental, social/emotion and spiritual) is also meant to serve as a relative scoring piece. By which I mean we can evaluate where we stand in each domain compared to the others.

I have seen people who are strong in the mental domain but weak in the spiritual domain – these people unfortunately aren’t able to uncover more truths that stare at them blindly or simply will just waste more time in arriving at the ‘ultimate’ satisfactory truths. Conversely, people who are strong in the spiritual domain but weak in the mental domain will lack the intellectual faculty to uncover the real truth from a pack of truths. If there are 30 spiritual truths out there and each requires 30 years to truly understand it, how can people with weak mental domain find the real truth save through sheer dumb luck?

The point is we should be at all times aware of where we are (in the framework) and first focus on our strongest areas and then move to the weaker adjacent areas. I also believe that all the domains are inter-related, meaning one area will affect the other.

So the following doesn’t have ‘satisfactory’ scientific backing but I think it’s worth spending some time on it.

Borrowing Tom Rath’s idea, I think the physical domain can be nicely broken down into 3 focus areas:

(1) Eat

(2) Move

(3) Sleep

The way I see it is we can focus on #1 and #2 and #3 will take care of itself. E.g. people who buy a Fitbit to track their sleeping pattern and do nothing about #1 & #2 and more importantly do not read www.dimpledbrain.com are just merely wasting their time.

And when it comes to #2 Move, there are just 2 things to take note of:

(1) breathing

(2) spine

A good breathing and a strong spine are all that we need to master #2 Move.

But what constitutes a good breathing and a strong spine?

Ultimately, if we do this right, we should be brimming with energy in all our 16 waking hours per day.

That’s the end goal.

Yes, that secret of the Gods is energy.

Stay tuned.



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