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A Summary of This Blog to Date and The Next Pit Stop

May 25th, 2014 by dimpledbrain

So much has changed with this blog entering its fourth year, yet so much has not. Whether I’ve found the truth I couldn’t confidently tell. Only nearer, I constantly console myself. A step closer to unravelling the mysteries of life, mayhaps?

Upon reflection, the basic pillars of this blog haven’t changed.  They are based on (a) Covey’s framework and (b) the conscious competence theory.

Specifically we looked at:

(1) Game theory and the best response – the key to playing the game of life

(2) Human behaviour – e.g. psychology of influence, representational system, metaprogramme, body language & biases

(3) 3 Deep Fundamentals

(4) Will to meaning

(5) Randomness

(6) Pursuit of Happiness & Passion

(7) Others – Jack Welch, proper breathing, investment and economics

(8) 36 Strategies of the Chinese & I-Ching (Book of Changes)- incomplete

The above somehow leads to the creation of my 1st draft of my Theory Of Everything and it’s about the objective reality, human behaviour, game theory & randomness. That’s 2011-2012 in summary.

In 2013 and to date, I attempt on the following:

(1) The Art of Strategy – incomplete

(2) Will to meaning

(3) Human behaviour – with emphasis on fear, how to make decisions, how to negotiate

(4) Top 10 List – legacy, purpose, life’s code, emotion and lateral thinking

(5) Others -economics, English, physical fitness, mahjong

Moving forward I will gear the blog towards human behaviour. Based on Covey’s framework, if ‘the first draft of my theory of everything’ is more on the ‘mental’ domain, then ‘human behaviour’ belongs to the ‘social/emotion’ side. I would like to find out if there is a unifying theory of everything on human behaviour, just as how I’ve found one on the mental domain. Specifically, I believe there is a set of rules and techniques that we can employ to understand and build relationships and to reduce conflicts and clashes of narratives. Any form of discrimination based on say race, religion, language, gender etc is generally driven by (a) fear and (b) the triumph of the majority view over the minority view. If diversity is here to stay, then creating a single identity based on discriminatory theme will ultimately fail. The opposite of it is to create a system value based on trust.

But then, how? Every action leads to a reaction. If we can’t prevent discrimination then how can we reverse its adverse effect? Where do we even begin? Ignorance? Elimination of opposing ideas? Is this even possible or a mere foolish declaration of ‘war’ against God?

“If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.” Genesis 11: 6-7


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