Are we fully responsible for our actions?

The other day I have an interesting conversation with a friend. The question was, “are we fully responsible for our actions?” I have argued no but the counter explanation given was worth pondering; if we are not fully responsible for our actions, are we just wriggling off the hook conveniently anytime we want? That according to my friend isn’t right. In a way, I agree on taking responsibility and accountability for our actions. But sometimes it’s just beyond our control.

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The Message of Ecclesiastes

Qoheleth is the Hebrew word for Ecclesiastes, a book we can commonly find in Tanakh or the Bible. It is after all the wisest book I’ve found in the world. You don’t know which one you say – it’s the one that has lots of ‘meaningless, meaningless. Everything is meaningless’, i.e. words/ phrases that you can also catch from time to time in this blog.

We left a very important question in the previous post – i.e. what can we change and what can’t we change?

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The Perfect Utopia

This post ought to beget more questions than answers because I am still thinking about the thinking.

The question at hand is on man’s search for life’s holy grail. So far I am satisfied with the finding that we are driven by one of these three – (a) Freudian’s will to pleasure (b) Nietzsche’s will to power and (c) Frankl’s will to meaning. (click here for the post).

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