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The higher path of peace

July 18th, 2011 by dimpledbrain

The other day a spiritual leader told me this story – a panel of judges was formed to select the best painting that depicts peace. Of the many paintings, two had been selected for final consideration.

The 2 pictures were as follows:

  1. Serenity by the beach with calmness everywhere
  2. Roaring waves with a man surfing




 The outcome was rather predictable until the final choice was made known. Why? The second picture won. The people did not understand the decision and were rather emotional about it: “how could a man riding on fierce waves be more peaceful than a peace evoking scene wrapped in timeless serenity?” “You’ve made a grave error.”

The judges explained – it is true that the first picture with timeless serenity evokes memories of peace but true peace does not come from outside – it must emanate from within.

 The Hebrew phrase shalom aleikhem and the Arabic phrase as-salāmu `alaykum mean the same thing – (may) peace be upon you.

Having understood, the question remains – have we found this inner peace? If we look at it objectively, every man longs for it – from the religious believers to the meditating monks. Or longevity seeking emperors.

Therefore the burning question remains “how can we attain this state of inner peace? And have we rightly so?”

p/s: the logic of science can only allow us to understand happiness. (Click here for my previous posts – The pursuit of happiness). But true peace is and must be the higher path. Like good music, songs are composed using standard rules. That’s science as we understand it. But science could not possibly differentiate a good song from the other – we ought to feel it. Now that’s inner peace as I understand it.

Shalom aleikhem.

As-salāmu `alaykum.


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